Dstv School of laughter

Five months of staying within our property has definitely been one full of memories. Despite the chaos of added responsibility, our home has felt more lived in than ever before.  We have created the most beautiful moments to look back on forever. My children have enjoyed connecting with me and even though we have been at home, I still make the time to do individual things with them. Cuddling on the couch with a warm hot chocolate watching our favourite shows together has been the most fun for me.

We are huge DStv fans because of our extreme love for sport so it was a refreshing change for to learn about the School of Laughter and the benefits it has for my children. It has been a positive outlet for my daughters and I to unwind while still being educational. Each of my girls have different viewing preferences. The School of Laughter have catered for age variation from toddlers to teens and even beyond for high school kids. Some of the shows we have enjoyed together have been  Alvin & the chipmunks ( takes me back to my childhood) , Blues Clues, Corn & Peg, Paw Patrol, Sadie Sparks and many , many more. I fully endorse the quality time that I have gained from having my children in my arms and watching DStv together. It is a big part of the memories we have made during this time together.

I’m sure you will agree with me as a fellow DStv subscriber, that this all sounds fabulous but there is more in store to spoil you and your children.

You could win this amazing prize with all the tools to help your kids thrive while learning at home alongside DStv’s School of laughter!

For more information you can
Get Smart & Restart with the help of @dstvza School of Laughter, visit the website on www.dstv.co.za/smartrestart to see how you could win 1 of 50 awesome #SmartRestart Hampers for your little one!
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