Teacher Appreciation Day

The 5 October is #teacherappreciation day and @Dstvza is ensuring that we celebrate the magnificent educators in our lives.

I don’t think I could ever thank my daughters teachers enough for all the love and dedication they give to their students.  Teachers are the most pivotal influencers in the life of a child. I would like to dedicate this post to a very special grade 1 teacher who goes above and beyond for my little girl. Mrs. Sam Kerr, has been an absolute superstar, she understands Yuhna better than I do, at times. She has encouraged my daughter and taken the time to check in regularly. Yuhna was one of the last children to return to school but her teacher maintained their special bond even via distant learning.  Mrs. Kerr has become an extension of my family. The love she gives so abundantly shines through the smiles of her students. No thank you will ever be enough for how much she has done to inspire my daughters into being who they are today.

To all the teachers out here, we thank you,  we recognise you and we appreciate you, more than words can express!

What do you appreciate most about teachers ?