MY JOurney with Denny Mushrooms

It has been an absolute honour being part of the Denny Mushrooms #AddGoodness #wintercomforts campaign.

Here are some of the ways that Denny has been giving back to the community this winter:

Blanket Drive

Denny Mushrooms is getting our knit-on! We have picked up our knitting needles and are busy making blankets which we will be giving away to various shelters across the country.

Souper Stuff

We are partnering up with various soup kitchens and volunteering to help hand out mushroom soup to those in need.

Mushroom Donations

Since the beginning of lockdown, Denny has been contributing tonnes and tonnes of mushrooms to shelters and soup kitchens around the country

Also look out for the new eco friendly packaging that these delicious mushrooms are now available in.

I have been experimenting alot in my kitchen during lockdown and one of our favourite meals is a hearty mushroom risotto!
It is flop proof and there is never any leftovers when I make this dish!

Here is my Recipe:

Denny Mushrooms Risotto

1.5 cups arborio rice,
2 litres of stock,
500 g chopped mushrooms,
1 chopped onion ,
1 sliced garlic,
In a pan add some olive oil, and the garlic until brown, then add your rice and mushrooms, adding a little bit of stock at a time and stirring so that nothing sticks to pan. Carry on doing this until all stock is added and rice is soft and creamy and mushrooms are cooked through. Add salt , pepper to taste and a bit of cream for a richer texture.

I served this with some crumbed chicken but the children also enjoy it on it’s own. Let me know what you think?