Melanie Martin and Café Couch
Hi – So Who am I ? I’m all those Great things – Daughter , Sister , Wife , Mom and Friend and I run a Business or 2!

Have I got my shit together? No , Never , Nada and I have realised that is ok!
I will never be a step-ford wife , post it , calendar organised mom!! I will be busy , chaotic , frantic , unorganised , messy car Mom.

I will do school drop-offs in a Tracksuit , slippers ,messy hair and no make-up. I do though tidy up pretty good when needed …

And I do love Make-up , Clothing ,Spa Days and doing Girly Stuff too…. I look quite sophisticated at these High Teas if I might say!

Ladies life if too short to be picture perfect! Let you hair down , have fun , this act your age drives me insane! I am 44 and love life, I love the waterslides at Ushaka , Body boarding with my kids at the beach , go-carting , and lazy Sundays in my gown. I don’t like camping , I won’t lie- my own ablutions are quite important too me!!

My Instagram post and videos are so “unfiltered” its scary! One lady even commented that looking haggard like that sometimes cannot be attractive for my hubby… “Sweetie ,little do you know there is nothing under that gown” , hubby is a VERY happy man!
Oh and sometimes stuff just comes out my mouth before I can stop it!

I sell wedding gowns and swimwear for the Curvy/Fuller-Figured Ladies ,(a long story why a skinny chick sells Plus size!).

I also own Café Couch , my passion and other baby! I want to help the small businesses grow without breaking the bank , Advertise the Events so that at a click of a button- we know What’s on When and where to entertain our blady kids , having them home running riot all the time can also be exhausting!

If you know me , you know I talk too much , laugh too loud and LOVE socializing. I love meeting new people, learning about their Businesses and passions , visiting exciting places.

I am the person who wants to know about YOU, not what you drive , where you are on Vacay most holidays and if you live in the Fancy Estate on the Hill! I love REAL!

My Biggest Passion is sharing my daily life and experiences with my Family .. I am the mom who drags her Hubby and kids along – Music Festivals, Weekends Away , Restaurant Openings! I feel more complete when I share my life with my Family…. I want my kids too appreciate life , what they have , give-back and learn and experience life!

So when you browsing through my fun Café Couch Days , let me know if you keen to go Flying through the tree canopies , carting ,Learning to surf , laser-tag, High teas, Fun Art Days or just a Women’s day Out and lets organise!!
Let’s Live and have fun doing it!!
Mel from Café Couch /mulling_it_over_with_mel