Reevana Govender JHB mummy and optometrist who is reaching for the sky!
Reevana is a wife, mother of two and Optometrist living in Johannesburg. Born and raised in the coastal town of Port Shepstone she began her journey in modelling and pageantry from the age of 10.

She loved the opportunities pageantry gave her to have a platform to become an activist for change in her community.

She obtained her Optometry degree in 2009 and moved to Johannesburg to pursue her career. She married her husband Chandresan in 2013 and they welcomed their first daughter Mayil in 2014. She is the Regional Sales Manager at Hoya South Africa which enables her to combine her passion for both sales and optics.


While enjoying the art of balancing being a wife, mom and having a full time job Reevana had the opportunity to get involved in pageantry once again. After taking home the title of Empress India South Africa 2016, Reevana took to the international stage at Mrs India Worldwide. With the unwavering support of her husband, family and friends Reevana competed for the Mrs India Worldwide crown in New York. She placed second runner up in this pageant.

The pageant was a great experience as well as a confidence builder. After returning home, Reevana made the decision to continue following her passion in pageantry by entering Mrs South Africa in 2017. It was a record number of entries that year and Reevana was excited to be chosen as a finalist for the crown. It was an exciting year working with the brand which places particular focus on women empowerment. She also had the opportunity to work on events for CANSA, The Port Shepstone Child Welfare and to be able to have a platform to bring awareness to something close to her heart, the accessibility of eye care to school going children in the peripheral areas of the country.

Reevana placed in the top 5 of Mrs South Africa. “Being apart of Mrs South Africa has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, it wasn’t only about a crown. It was about the journey, the sisterhood and the opportunities it created. While on the road to becoming empowered I have found the opportunity to be able to empower other women as well. This was the greatest gift. I love being a woman who supports and uplifts other women. This is the message that I carry with me into my daily life”.

After falling pregnant with their second little one Reevana started her blog “The Daily Reev”. It documents her journey through motherhood . She hopes to be able to be a relatable voice to other women who might be going through similar situations.

“Motherhood can be extremely overwhelming for a first time mom. When I had my first daughter I found myself eager to be able to interact with other mommies who were going through the ups and downs just like I was. I hope to be able to be that support to other moms. It really does take a village to raise a child. Getting the right support instead of being shamed or judged for your decisions are so important”.


Chandresan, Reevana and Mayil welcomed Sharaya Milan on the 11th June 2019. Reevana looks forward to continuing to share her journey as a wife and mother of two on her blog.