Have the sweetest of dreams with Olinski Snyders (the bridal  trousseau magician )
My business journey started with the passion to create beautiful bridal party proposal box options.

The experience for me as a maid of honor was a joyous occasion both times, being in servitude of the Bride to be and experiencing the journey not only through her eyes but alongside her was a bonding experience like no other. Sharing in her special moments and standing next to her while she experiences the life changing moment on her wedding day is something that will stay with me and I will cherish the sisterhood experience.

A few years later I conceptualized the vision for ONE Boutique Store and it took quite a while to bring to fruition as it roamed around in my mind for months. Since we started trading in February 2018 and with our online store coming to fruition months after it has evolved from providing bridal party luxury robes and accessory gift box options to creating and developing luxury sleepwear pieces for females at first and now we offer male luxury sleepwear as well with so much more on the way.

My business journey did not start as a success story, starting a small business comes with trials and challenges that teach you a lot more about yourself and somehow help shape you into a better version of yourself. Criticism definitely found me on this path and I had people anticipating my failure, lack of support from some was a key ingredient for sure. With every positive step forward there where 5 – 10 setbacks which was a process I had to face and conquer.

In the beginning it resulted in constantly having anxiety until I found my confidence in each client inquiry and order from the smallest to the biggest in purchasing quantity. In this I learnt that everything seems daunting before you take the first step and the power of self-belief is a force on its own. Success is not by accident, it takes hard work and many sacrifices. It comes from being passionate, obsessed and in love with your craft wanting to evolve and grow within it.

Today our focus is providing a quality luxury product with me physically selecting the fabric myself and ensuring the garment construction is on par with a set standard for the end product being something I would like to receive when ordering an item online.
Coupled with striving to deliver the best service humanly possible and paying attention to detail with each individual order.

Going the extra mile for our clients is far from a chore it is our way of being. Embracing our mistakes when made, learning and growing from it is essential.

Any success achieved big or small is a celebrated feather in our hats. ONE Boutique Store success journey in the end is owed to our clients who are supportive and continue to be every day. I look forward to the journey ahead creating more product options and meeting more amazing individuals along the way.