Oh baby, Oh Baby! Twinning it with Chantal and her wolf pack!
Chantal Dewolf is the face behind Twincess Diaries, a parenting blog featuring the lifestyle, fashion and tantrums of her 4-year old twin girls: Avalon and Harper.

Chantal is a qualified medical microbiologist and works full time as a clinical researcher, but writing is a passion that outs itself in her blog posts. As she would much rather be taking photos of her adorable children, than being stuck in lab, Twincess Diaries provides a platform to share her parenting journey with like-minded moms.

She lives in a permanent state of wanderlust, but luckily got to scratch the travel itch before her twins were born by travelling extensively to several countries around the world. Santorini will always remain the most beautiful place on earth – in her humble opinion.

She married her French monsieur in 2008, a mere 51 days after meeting him – a decision she admits is most out of character. She is a planner, a control freak with a touch of OCD, so ‘spontaneous’ isn’t high on her list of attributes.

Once married, she moved to Paris, France where she spent 7 years living the city life, eating crusty baguettes and copious amounts of cheese, wondering why the philosophy of ‘French Women don’t get fat’ didn’t extend to her. She has never worn a beret in all 7 years of living in Paris.

The twins arrived in 2015 after a long and painful infertility journey, and she and her family relocated back to SA. She admits she gets incredulous looks from most people when she says they choose to live in South Africa rather than Europe, but she insists “The grass is greener where you water it”.

Traveller, Writer, Vegetarian, Dog-lover and Popcorn addict are some of the words that describe her. Her family remains her most prized possessions and Umhlanga beach is her happy place.