Dreaming out loud until you live out a reality.

Three years ago, if you told me that CrazyRio would be my full time career, I would have totally believed you. That is the truth to be honest. Although it was never the intentional plan, the feeling I received after I put out my first post definitely made me believe that this was the start of something special.

Reading and writing have always been my happy place. As a child that never quite fitted in, it was my escape from reality. I would conjure up my own magical world and live them out between the pages of books and the magical power of putting pen to paper. The reality set in when I discovered that bullying doesn’t end in school, even as adults there are others out there who purposefully will go to great lengths to make sure success is not for me. This makes me sad but it also makes me more motivated to succeed.

Self confidence is something I have always lacked until I realised, I actually am pretty awesome at what I do.All the years of being pushed into a corner, those moments that I spent reading and writing is the reason I am who I am today. I can easily write up anything in a matter of minutes because it comes so naturally to me. That make believe world I lived in as a child, is my go to place when creating a campaign for my clients and it is still the most beautiful source of inspiration for me. Dreams can be achieved, yes there are hours and hours of work involved to get there but if you have a passion for something, always remember it can be done.

It will take time but it will happen. Something that I also always keep in mind that while building myself and my brand is that there is always room at my table for others.

If I can assist and aid someone to become better even if it is in the same industry as I am, it makes us peers and not competition.

Our successes are meant to be shared. I am ordinary, I was just prepared to put in the extra hours to get where I am today. There is no reason you cannot achieve what you dream about. In fact you owe it to yourself to. So start today and let me know where you are in three years from today!