A holidate with Yuhna

As a mom of three , I do my best to be as fair as possible and divide our quality time up so that I really get to learn about each daughter in their own capacity.

I decided to try this whole holidate adventure with my wild child Yuhna. We had to bunk a few days of school but she is five, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. This trip entailed a flight to Lanseria Airport, it felt so different to my trip to Cape Town with Aara, which was more educational and where we both had plenty of down time. Down time is not in Yuhna’s nature. She is very curious and fidgety and can move at the speed of lightning so I have to have my eyes on her at all times.

We rented a car and took a scenic drive to Sun City, we made a stop for lunch at French toast Cafe where we took pics in front of the Eiffel Tower and purchased a lock of our love to add to the love lock bridge.

Then we were of to Sun City . We stayed at the beautiful Cascades Hotel. We spent the first day in our costumes lounging by the pool soaking in the sun and watching very ambitious baboons try to steal food and drinks from other guests.

A very dear friend of mine lives in Sun City so on day two of our trip, we went to a nearby restaurant which has an underground hideaway that allows visitors to watch Wildlife through. We were so lucky to see the most majestic herd of elephants. We got to observe them in close proximity and it was an absolute highlight.

I also carried along some interactive toys and puzzles and activities for us to do together. I loved watching my carefree five year old in her element loving every second of having my undivided attention. I also realised that she has no idea what it is like to be alone. She always has her sisters for company so being on her own with me , she had to try and make friends when she was at the resort. It was so special watching her beam with confidence and overcome her fears.

We were only away for two short nights but it strengthened our bond. I saw so many of my traits in her that I had never noted before. This little effort of doing these holidates with each of my daughters has really proved to be rewarding for all of us. I get to iron out any issues one on one with each girl and reassure them of how precious and loved and appreciated they are.