Zest Spices South Africa

Zest Spices was founded in October 2019 by Neevashnie Singh. I grew up in a traditional Indian home in the town of Tongaat where I still reside. Looking retrospectively, the use of spices has always been part of our culture in meal preparation on a daily basis for generations. After the birth of my son Ayur, I decided to be a stay at home mum bringing an end to my working career.

In 2013, we moved to the Middle East as a family for a better quality of life. I was exposed to a host of different cultures and culinary variations. The Middle East has a wealth of cultural diversity and an endless supply of world class ingredients yet I found it extremely difficult to source natural spice blends that we as South Africans are accustomed to. Hence the birth of Zest Spices. I began researching and experimenting with whole ground spices to formulate spice blends that were delectable to the palate. Even my recently acquired friends from India were in awe with the flavor of our home cooked meals.

Since returning from overseas in 2019, I have continued to blend and distribute my spice blends to my close friends and family. The feedback was extremely positive and I then decided to explore the option of making my spices commercially available to the general public.

From humble beginnings, utilizing a modest start up budget, Zest spices has grown into a reliable, reputable brand to the greater South African public. Each and every kilogram of spice blend is mixed meticulously to ensure consistency in creating culinary masterpieces. Zest spices has formulated spice blends that can be used in a variety of applications without secondary mixing thus removing the complexity and fuss out of mixing spices. The flavor, colour and aroma of our spice blends has captivated the public with consistent positive feedback. Over the past few months, Zest spices has expanded internationally supplying individuals from the USA, Australia and Qatar.

The business is predominantly run from home through an online platform, namely, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. By word of mouth, Zest spices is expanding its customer base on a monthly basis nationally. We deliver to your door for a marginal fee utilizing a reputable, COVID 19 compliant courier company. The impending Lockdown for the past eighteen months has strengthened our customer base as the online trend in procuring monthly essentials has increased exponentially due to it being much safer in our current climate. There has been many queries as to the locality of our walk in store as some customers prefer a personal shopping experience. We anticipate the opening of a walk in store in the future where we look forward to assisting our customers in a personal capacity.