Meet Kelly and Barry from Rooted Life S.a.

Our company is called Rooted. We do cold-pressed wellness shots using ginger, fresh turmeric, fruit, vegetables and black pepper. When fruits and veggies are cold pressed, they are not exposed to the heat of the motor as they would be with a centrifugal juicer. This makes sure that none of the vitamins and minerals are destroyed, so it really is the best method. 

We use low yielding veggies, which means that a lot of it is used to make a small amount of juice and the juice you get is super concentrated. 

It’s quick and easy to take a shot and you know you have given your body a dose of goodness. 
We also use a lot of ginger. One of our shots has more ginger in it than any other ingredient and the benefits of it for our bodies is endless. We also use fresh turmeric root in one of our shots, not the powdered spice, and combine it with black pepper to help with the absorbtion of curcumin, which is in turmeric and helps with inflammation and several other things. It’s a great way to get a good boost of energy first thing in the morning or after a workout. 

Even children love our spinach Shot, as well as the kids shot and it is comforting to know that we are giving our kids the veggies they need. 

We have always dreamt of having our own little business, a husband and wife team, and growing it together. We both have the same ethics and values, and compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

We have three children. Our third is only 8 months old. She has her older siblings completely under her spell.

Barry is passionate about business and people. He loves fishing and cooking and is always up for an adventure. He has a heart of gold, and is the first to respond to a call for help of any kind.

I am fiercel passionate about family. I am a huge softie and am a creative. I love drawing, painting and writing.

We started off with over 30 different shot recipes. We tweeked and tasted them, between us and our 2 older children, over and over until we had worked it down to 11. From there we handed out samples to friends, colleagues and our church family until we decided on a final 5 flavours. We have recently added a 6th which is a beetroot one, and a kids shot too.

From there we brought in two partners who share our love for health and wellness, and our honest approach to business which is incredibly important to us.

Our shots are bottled in glass, as we are sustainability focused. Our repeat customers receive discounts off their next shots when they return their bottles to us to “rejuice”. Our motto is “rejuice, reuse, recycle, repeat”.

Our peels and pulp go to Flag Animal Farm and we hear they are enjoyed by all the animals, especially the tortoises. 

We do our shot deliveries ourselves so that we can meet our customers, often with our baby Grace along for the ride. We love nothing more than hearing how much our shots are enjoyed by adults and children alike.

As it did for a lot of people, Covid really opened our eyes to what is important in life. We decided we needed to act, and follow dreams we had put on the back burner. It also highlighted the importance of a strong immune system and health and wellness in general for us. During Covid may not be an ideal time to open a small business, but we are trusting that all the hard work, as well as our honest and ethical approach to business will keep us going for the long run and help us grow. It has been a slow start, but we truly believe in the shots we make, and we are sure once people taste them, they will be hooked too. 

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