Miah Dawood – Mamma Miahs ( Because every cake has a story to tell)
So when Rio asked me to be apart of her women’s month feature, i was flattered and nervous. Once i started reading the stories about the incredible ladies featured thus far, i became terrified !!! these woman are incredible… a-lot like the woman i have been raised by.

I come from a hard working family, i am the youngest of 3 daughters… we are quite a creative family who have always been involved in charity and giving back. My dad has been in carpentry for  almost 50 years, my mum is a social worker manager, social work supervisor and a passionate scrap booker. I have two elder sisters, 1 a marine biologist with crazy creativity and thee other a staff trainer in the Maldives who can whip anyone into shape! Life most definitely has not been easy but i have amazing role models. 

I am a qualified graphic/web designer but even with this qualification, there is no guarantee things will fall into place. After many years of bouncing around trying to find a good paying job i gave up on this field. 

Seven years ago i took an admin job at an elite bakery in Umhlanga, 2 weeks later i was playing around in the kitchen and i found my calling! I am a self taught cake decorator and baker AND I LOVE IT!!! 

I worked crazy hours and hardly saw my family.  i opened and closed every day and this was my whole world. I got married 3 years later. I am now the wife to the most patient loving man BILLAL who has blessed me with a son ( ZAYAAN 3) and a bonus child (ARKEELA 13)

Last year i made a crazy decision to finally quit… Not knowing how the bills that month would be paid, but i knew i had a passion and a story to share through my skill, i needed to put that into action. I was tired of my little man not looking for me or being close to me. We downgraded our car… bought an industrial oven other equipment needed and we took a chance!

Mamma Miahs was born! We are a husband and wife team just trying to give our kids an easier life than we have had. 

I have never been happier or more at peace. Just like most woman out there i have insecurities and i make my fare share of mistakes. My biggest regret is i didn’t have the confidence to trust my gut. I can never get the 2years i missed out on but my little man turns over every morning and says to me “Mamma you my baby” and that is the best part of my day. 

Its never too late to get started on a new path of success. Take a chance and believe in yourself! 

This is my story and i hope i can encourage some passionate creative women out there to never doubt themselves but rather invest in themselves to reach the goal.