Husheila Gordhan – A story of a strong and brave woman
In my talks, I share my extraordinary recovery from my HURTING and WOUNDING experience which can be very briefly summarized as follows:

There I was from having EVERYTHING and ….then…suddenly…having NOTHING…… and even reduced to wearing nappies.  

Prior to 2009,I was employed as a Wellness Practitioner by Dept. of Health, working part time for UNISA, also a private practitioner ,just completed my MASTERS DEGREE and enrolled to do my DOCTORATE DEGREE and also short listed for a Managerial Position for another Governmental organisation. I was also driving a BMW and also a busy Home executive.

CrazyRio: Husheila Gordhan - A Story of a Strong and Brave Woman

SUDDENLY, in 2009, my life came to a COMPLETE STANDSTILL.

I was BEDRIDDEN for a period of 3 years and then another 2 years totalling 5years. I had a helper to take care of me i.e. bathe, dress and feed me. I was suicidal and thereafter, only prayed to GOD to take my life because of the excruciating pain and intense discomfort. I lost everything.

MIRACULOUSLY, GOD, being POSITIVE and my FAMILY played a vital and instrumental road in my RECOVERY. 

I can now bathe, eat and take care of myself, started cooking after 6 years and baking after 9 years, and I am also at work. Although, I still experience some pain and discomfort and have some challenges, I am feeling much better than before and can do so much more. The specialist Doctors consider me a miracle as they say I should have been dead, or physically and or mentally challenged.

Through the Grace of God I am able to fulfil my God given destiny and purpose by doing MOTIVATIONAL TALKS to groups of people and organizations and share my story in detail. This gives hope to individuals no matter what circumstances or situations they are facing. I am playing a pivotal and essential role in making a positive impact in people’s lives.