Confessions of a guilty Mom – Tamryn-Ann Richardson
I am a mom of two, a mom to two boys and I am married to a man that works away and often. These are the basic facts of my life.

It is not who I am though, who I am is so much more and truthfully I have lost one part of myself or another over the last decade. I kind of forgot myself in the midst of becoming a wife and then a mother but I have realised that to be the best of those two things, I need to give myself permission to be selfish.

I am mostly known by the blogging community from solo parenting and often get called a “supermom” because of the frequency and duration my husband works away. Honestly there is nothing special about me. I am a normal, average mom. I shout at my kids frequently, they eat cereal for dinner at least once a week and I will not let them “out-stubborn” me. I am a mean mom, just ask my sister.

Obviously I love them to death and I would be devastated if anything happened, but it’s hard to be grateful and remember that when you continually give requests at least 5 times and eventually action is only taken when you start screaming like a banshee. I defend them fiercely and I am their biggest cheerleader. They are my greatest achievement and they drive me insane constantly. I guess it’s just part of the package motherhood is. Complicated is an understatement.


When Riona asked me to write something for her I thought what on earth am I going to write about? I decided to just jot things down until something came out and it worked.


I started my blog because I needed an outlet, creativity is in my DNA and this was a way for me to express it. This mom business is so incredibly hard and even though we are millions, we often feel so very alone and isolated. “Confessions of a Guilty Mom” was my way of reaching out to let other moms know that they are not alone. They are not the only ones losing their sh*t everyday, that they are perfectly imperfect and that is absolutely OK!


I will be the first to put up my hand to say this is not easy and I do not have it all figured out. I start everyday with the best intentions but often it ends with me pulling out another grey hair.

I know there is a lot of pressure from those perfect squares found on Instagram but I do not have those. I am honest, so honest that apparently I do not have a filter and you know when I am having a bad day. I do not pretend to have all the answers and I do a happy dance when I drop my kids off at school. I am “love”, I am “mommy”, I am Tamryn and you are not alone.