A luxurious holidate with my second princess at the fairmont zimbali resort!

A luxurious Holidate with my second Born.  Princess Perfect

Woah this year has been busy! There were moments that I lived on the highs of life and there were moments that I cried by myself, overwhelmed by all the pressure and curveballs that life began throwing at me.

My daughters are growing right before my eyes which means that there is a constant battle to gain my individual attention. A few months ago I came up with the concept of a holidate, a custom designed adventure with each of my daughters with the goal of spending some quality one on one bonding time.

I promise you that this was the absolute highlight of my year. Three adventures later, three totally different experiences that has allowed me to strengthen the bonds that I have with my daughters.

When it came to Zehna’s turn, I knew it would be somewhat different to the other two. My second born is very much the princess of our palace. She has a love for luxury and leisure. She is very girly compared to her sisters and appreciates good food and relaxing with me.

We were even more delighted when Fairmont Zimbali Resort invited us to holidate with them. We usually stay at this resort at least once a year with the kids because it is so close to home yet it allows us to switch off and relax.

The staff at Fairmont Zimbali Resort were incredibly helpful to ensure that I planned the perfect  getaway  with Zehna. An itinerary was even put together to ensure that we enjoyed the relevant amenities that would be fitting to our mother/daughter trip.

On Friday the 12 October 2019, I fetched my very excited daughter from school. We got home, changed into beachwear and drove north to begin our weekend bonding session at Fairmont Zimbali Resort. We were welcomed by the valet, we had a warm welcome at reception with champagne and juice on arrival and a beautiful overview of the location.

Fairmont Zimbali Resort is my preferred getaway because even though it is a short drive from my home, once I arrive, I am able to switch off and just relax. It feels like I am on a luxurious overseas holiday at only a fraction of the cost.

We checked into our beautiful suite, unpacked quickly and without wasting a moment ventured out to enjoy the famous pool that is a popular sight on social media. The weather was kind as we soaked up some sun and splashed about until my eight year old grew tired and hungry.

I love discovering new things on holiday and I thought I knew this resort inside out but I was humbled when I was introduced to the beautiful OSA Restaurant. I love trying different types of Indian curries and this is a gorgeous Indian restaurant with a posh menu. We shared a thali of a variety of curry. Zehna and I then split the largest and most delicious portion of Indian infused Crème Brule. Of my three daughters, Zehna is known for her love of fashion and enjoying every moment of alone time she has with me. I was not surprised at all when she dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast to dinner. The food was fit for my princess and she was thrilled to see a group of matric girls come into the restaurant to take photos in their prom gowns before their night out. Our bellies were full and we exhausted from a very full day so we went back to our room. Zehna had a shower and was fast asleep in no time.  I took this as an opportunity to have a soak in a bubble bath and do a bit of reading before I retired for the night.

My child wakes up with the sun and proceeds to wake me up for company, every time! Saturday morning arrived and I convinced her to watch a bit of TV while I enjoyed my morning coffee at leisure. After a very large breakfast spread at Coral Tree Restaurant, we changed into some resort wear and ventured out to spend time at the kids play area on the estate called Bush Buck Club. I got some work done while she played on the jungle gym. We decided to take a walk to explore the resort while getting some exercise in. We spent most of the day at the Beach Club pool; we even had our lunch at the poolside. There was lots of hugging and chatting between the two of us. I also got to know a bit more about my daughter’s friends at school and she shared many of her hopes and dreams for the future with me. Nothing is more heart melting than the mind of a child and their view and perception of the world.

The next part was the highlight of Zehna’s weekend. We went for a mom and daughter pamper at the resort’s Willow Stream Spa. It was luxurious and so relaxing. The delight in my child’s eye as she chose a nail polish that she wanted on her toes was simply precious. The therapists were so caring and Zehna and I happily chatted to them throughout our treatment. It was such a special afternoon.

After that heavenly foot massage and Pedi we went to the room and had a cuddle, I read her a story and we had an afternoon nap.  I had also packed some fun educational activities for us to tackle together.  We attempted one of these before we were both starving so we got ready for dinner.

Dinner on Saturday was at the Beach Café. If you haven’t been then you need to change that. It is the most beautiful setting. A stunning place for date night or even if you are planning to pop the question. It was a bit of a chilly evening so we decided to sit in a cosy corner of the restaurant. Zehna indulged in seafood while I had one of the chicken dishes on the menu. The food was perfect as always. My favourite on this menu is the Tiramisu, I even allowed Zehna a few bites and she also thoroughly enjoyed it.

We decided not to call for a golf cart to take us back to the hotel. Instead we took a leisurely walk back to our room; we watched a movie on TV together and went to bed.

Sunday was here before we knew it and we were sad to pack our bags. We enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast again. Zehna loved the selection of jams on toast. The veg quiche was the best I have ever tasted.  I was even more delighted to find that they served almond milk cappuccinos as well!

After breakfast we took a final stroll around the resort before checking out and driving back home to be united with the rest of our family. We left sharing a weekend of bonding and connecting and learning new things about each other. These holidates definitely strengthen my relationship with each of my daughters. It allows me to reassure them that they can talk to me about anything and that no matter what I will be someone that they can always depend on and call in their hour of need.

I highly recommend this to parents with multiple children. A holidate does not have to be extravagant, You just have to be a hundred percent present and give your child some alone time with you.

Fairmont Zimbali Resort is also the perfect spot for out of towners to enjoy during the December/January season. It really is a piece of paradise. There are some fantastic specials on offer. You can find them on their social media pages as well as the hotel website (www.zimbaliresort.com).  I cannot wait to be back! Thank you to the staff for the most incredible hospitality! It never disappoints me and it just gets better every single time!