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A place where it feels like the sun never sets and the nights never end. Rewind to June/July 2018, Summer in Europe, more specifically Italy, France & Spain. Bucket-list destinations. For many people a trip overseas is never really filled with relaxing days, instead people try to cram as much touring and sightseeing in as possible in their time away. However, if you slow down and just soak in the beauty of these countries, the people and the culture, you will almost instantly understand why people keep going back to these destinations. The rich history is surely one of the most attractive features about these places. Here are a few of my favourite sights to see! Tours of the Colosseum and the numerous Basilica’s (St. Peter’s Basilica, if you are only going to do one!) will definitely be worth your time! One of the most popular attractions, Fontaine de Trevi (Trevi Fountain) is definitely a sight to behold and no matter the time of day or night that you go, it is most certainly worth navigating through the large crowds to get to the front and make your wish! Let’s not ignore the fact that you get an incredible photo for your instagram! #nofilterneeded

The Vatican Museums, Pantheon and Sistine Chapel will have you in awe before you even get close, these buildings are a work of art themselves! sticking with sightseeing and touring, your trip is incomplete without a photo on the Spanish Steps! Venturing out, Mount Vesuvius should definitely be on your “To see list”. While in Naples, be sure to see the Royal Palace. The Italian country side boasts incredible scenery and wine tours, be sure to take a trip out to the country side!

Apparently, you only truly experience a foreign city after you get lost in it. That could not be more true!

If you are someone who likes to plan and have a day’s activities set out in detail, then you might not like this next piece of “advice”… Wherever you go, Go and get lost in the city. It is sure to be one of the fondest memories of any trip! It is only then that you truly explore the city and get to see more of the “real city”. This is something that I make a point of doing in a foreign place (sounds crazy, I know!). Forget the map, no plans just you roaming the streets, being a tourist! This was the foundation for some of the best days and nights I have had and led me to meet some really friendly and interesting people, quite frankly getting lost has left me with some of the greatest memories to date! One stunning attraction that was stumbled upon while being lost was the ’Secret Key Hole’. Look through the keyhole and you are met with a breathtaking view of the St. Peter’s Dome, be sure to have a camera in hand! However, the most important thing to do in  is eat as much Gelato as you possibly can… amongst all the other divine food of course!

The Amalfi coast should definitely be on your list! If you drive along the coast, there are numerous spots to stop at and enjoy the view, however if you’re lucky enough, a cruise out to sea is surely the best way to experience it,

with the night spent partying on board the yacht of course! Another fabulous coastal resort town to visit is Antibes in France. Staying here allows you the flexibility of venturing into Cannes or Nice, or both! There is plenty to see, although.. simply relaxing in the sand is strictly advised! This coastal town is home to some incredible nightlife that ought to be experienced! Speaking of cities that never sleep, Barcelona!! A favourite party destination for many, home to some of the most stunning architecture and captivating culture. In Spain, make time to go out to Montserrat, take in the view, enjoy a hike or simply just appreciate how much better the air feels when you breathe there! A tour of Camp Nou should be on your to-do list, one of the largest soccer stadiums in the world, home to FC Barcelona (or as was explained to me “Lionel Messi’s home ground”). A guided tour of the stadium is well worth it. Be weary of your pockets when in Spain! Pickpocketing is rife! Another definite to see is La Sagrada Familia, you will be left speechless upon first sight of this marvel! Gaudi’s work around Barcelona have become landmarks. If you’re touring Spain, The Seville Cathedral and Santiago de Compostela Cathedral are definitely worth your time! 

One of the main things to do is of course eat and eat and eat the authentic foods that we all know and love… and shop of course! But most importantly, have fun getting lost and exploring!