The Power Of Number  THREE!!
Hello Everyone and welcome back to my beautiful new space. We decided that we needed a makeover and the timing could not be more perfect. In a few weeks CrazyRio turns three. The number three is considered to be the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding.

Reading and writing have always been my happy place. As a child that never quite fitted in, it was my escape from reality. I would conjure up my own magical world and live them out between the pages of books and the magical power of putting pen to paper. The reality set in when I discovered that bullying doesn’t end in school, even as adults there are others out there who purposefully will go to great lengths to make sure success is not for me. This makes me sad but it also makes me more motivated to succeed.

I would say I don’t know where the time has gone but honestly I have revelled in all the beautiful moments that the past three years have brought to me.

It is also significant because it is the first time in three years that I feel safe and secure on my platform. It has taken a lot of searching  but I can finally say with confidence that all aspects of my team are of the highest quality.

This week  I am also proud to welcome my second nephew to the world. It is such a special time for our family and I send loads of love to my brother, sister in law and older nephew as they transition into a family of four. I will be on standby for cuddles at any time.

It has been quite the adventure and I am always meeting new and interesting people who add value to my life.

As the month of August approaches and we prepare to celebrate all things feminine , I have a lot to share with you. Each day in August we will be featuring an inspiring lady who is brave enough to share her story with us. I have already read most of the stories that have come through and I can definitely say that you  are in for quite a treat.

Now that all we are all systems go here, I promise that I will be more regular with my writing!

Have a blessed day everyone and thank you for taking the time to visit me here.a