Netflix with workin’ Moms

It is not at all what I expected this series to be like but it has got to be one of the funniest that I have watched in a long time. It focuses on unconventional, modern day mothers who have careers, and other responsibilities in addition to being moms.

The episodes are just over twenty minutes each and will leave you in stitches. The topics explored are there to push boundaries and get people to leave their comfort zones.

I actually did not watch this sitcom when it was initially recommended to me by my mum friends because I thought it would be just another series about parenting dos and don’ts. However even if you are at the furthest point from having kids you will find this hilarious. It is a brilliant way to escape from your day.

The characters are a lovely variety and you will easily bond and laugh at and with them. This Canadian based sitcom is not for sensitive views as some of the topics covered are controversial, there is also language and nudity so definitely not advisable to watch with the kiddos around.

There are currently only three seasons ( all on Netflix) and I managed to complete them in just over a week and I am so eager for more.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something that will give them a reason for good laugh.