Lyndall Moodley- #4kidsandacat
When my friend @crazyrio asked me to write up a post about myself for her amazing August feature, I was flattered and daunted at the same time. There are many aspects that make up who I am as a woman, and there are many aspects of my life of which I am proud, aspects which are challenging and aspects that I cannot talk about without tearing up.

Many people believe that women who are mothers grew up wanting motherhood for themselves. For me, motherhood was never an ambition of mine, it actually wasn’t even a thought. So having had 5 pregnancies and 4 children was definitely an over achievement of a goal I never had…somehow though it is this pivotal fact of my life that has shaped all of who I am. It has shaped my business, my ministry and work in the community which raised me, and my new goals in life.

I am Lyndall Moodley, a 39 year old mother of #4kidsandacat. I own Hannah Grace and Kids Emporium Maternity as well as a marketing consulting business called Evalyn Agency. I am the wife of Desmond Moodley, a fellow entrepreneur who own’s Plastipak. I also head up our Sunday School at Berea Church in Phoenix and I am a student at SATS studying to be a counsellor.

These are all the things I AM, and which the world see’s. The behind the scenes version of me, is the one who was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 25, the one who lost our second baby in utero and the one who lost my beloved sister 5 years ago. The behind the scenes version of me, is a control freak, tightly wound and who sleeps with a weekly and monthly planner in front of my bed.

I AM also the one who has learnt to live and love joylessly and abundantly.

To see the positive in every challenge. As a woman, I have learnt the value of good friendships, the value of having my parents to lean on even during this middle part of life. The great value of investing in a marriage that reaps the reward of support, protection and providence. The value of focusing outside of my own home to lend a hand to help others less fortunate. The capacity of a woman is decided by her mind, her determination and her dreams. When you look in the mirror who is it that you say “ I AM….”, this is what determines who you WILL BE.