Kalank – A review

by Bollywood movie connoisseur Varshan Sookhun.

The biggest problem with Kalank is that it tries too hard to emulate Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cinematic vision.

Kite flying, loud-tragic endings, elaborate costumes/set pieces. He’s done it all … and Karan Johar does it so unmistakeably!That, including the misfitting scenarios “First Class”, “Aira Gaira” and a CG domineered animal fight (the Ben Hur type) is literally a load of bull !

These spoils including a problematic screenplay and pace distance Kalank from a masterpiece tag despite having many qualifying ingredients to make it epic. The story celebrates eternal love and is set against an intense contempo 1940’s Indo-Pak pre-partition backdrop.

Everything here is larger-than-life, grand scale, opulent and a treat to senses. Even the downtown ‘kothas’ have more glitter than a Ratan Tata mansion. The actors deliver punchy dialogue written in poetic prose. Giving their performances an opera-ish theatric feel.

The entire ensemble is in superb acting form!

A special mention of Varun-Alia who bring a fiercely burning passion to the ‘telenovela’ styled narrative loaded with DRAMA.

My Verdict

A visually entrancing collective of old and new Bollywood most immodest artistic form. Watch out for the riveting, shocking and tragedy-soaked climax. It’s sure to make you take home the sentiment exchanged between the love-lorn characters.

My Rating : 8/10