Julia Petersen

Growing up I was very insecure about my height (Too tall) and being skinny. I used to be teased about it, and what made it worse was I had braces and bad skin. If you told the skinny, shy 13 year old me back then that I would one day be a Miss South Africa Finalist & Professional Model, I would of laughed so hard. Looking back now I realized my insecurities led me to my destiny. The shy, tall, skinny girl in primary school transformed into the bold, confident woman I am today (Thanks to my mum for sending me for Modelling Courses). Modelling was a platform that helped me gain my confidence and made me realize that I was made a certain way for a specific purpose. Today I love using my platform to inspire other young girls and women to be their best selves. I am passionate about Women Empowerment, and my message to all women & young girls is to be proud of who God made you to be. Stop comparing yourself to other women and their journey’s because yours is unique and it needs to be shared with the world. We are all on this earth for a purpose and it us up to us to manifest our gift. Our potential is already within us. We just need to believe and have courage to persure our dreams. Remember you are strong, beautiful & worthy. You are ENOUGH & have everything it takes to fulfill your God-given destiny.