Introducing Mattel’s Crystal Creatures
Mattel South Africa has launched the first series of Crystal Creatures, a range of buildable creatures with slime and sparkle surprise.

Open 1 of the 5 shimmering crystals to reveal a glitter slime surprise, then gather all the pieces to build your very own creature! Which new friend will you discover? There are 5 fantastical, dazzling and enchanted creatures to collect and 3 colours of slime to find.

You can mix the pieces and try different stylish combinations to create your own unique and mesmerizing creature. With Frostwhite™, Aquagem™, Nightsky™, Rubywing™ and Rosestone™ to set free, hours of fun awaits.

Display your creature inside or on top of the egg or use the display rod to create mystical poses.

When you’re done with the slime, you can put it back into the egg as you open and assemble the next Crystal Creature. Collect them all!
Crystal Creatures are ideal for ages 5 and up. For more information about Crystal Creatures, please click here: