Happy Women’s Day from a Mom of Daughters

On Women’s Day, I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking of all the responsibility that I have especially knowing that I have the duty of raising three daughters. Reviewing my family lineage, my mum is one of four sisters and one brother , my maternal cousins consisted of four girls and two boys and the six of us have six girls and two boys from there. We are definitely not short of girl power that’s for sure.

The generation gaps have been a blessing in terms of progression and we live in a time where the sky is ultimately the limit for our daughters. We live in a time of equal rights and equal opportunities.

When I look at each of my daughters, I can see the distinct character traits that each child possesses that sets them apart. My role as a mother is to encourage independence, responsibility and to promote them to flying on their own while still knowing that are always welcome back at their best.

Three daughters also mean having to identify insecurities and help reassure them enough to work through them and rise above.

I have miss independent, who does not require too much reassurance or effort, she enjoys being in our company but is also perfectly fine to work or be at leisure on her own.

I also have a child who demands my attention and gets very moody if she doesn’t get it. She needs approval and acknowledgement to get through her day and once she gets it she soars.

Then I have a daughter who follows no rules, needs no approval, and walks through life fearlessly. She doesn’t get attached easily and also has the ability to start fires and then leave when she gets bored. This one is my challenge but she also teaches me what it is to be a leader and to not follow the crowds.

I think back to my own upbringing and my mother and grandmother and how we were raised. It’s the little things that make a big difference in the greater scheme of life. My mum despite being a working mother in our foundation years always found the time to be present. Whether it was waking up early in the morning to pack our lunches or waiting outside our schools to fetch us , that motherly presence was always there, allowing us to always be reassured that our basic needs were always met and we could be guaranteed that she would always be there for us. I did not know how crucial all these moments were until I became a mother myself. My grandmother was a feeder, she showed us love and affection by ensuring our nutritional needs were met. She would take great offense if we visited her without having a full plate of food ( the excuse of being on a diet was never accepted). In all these gestures the love was felt and I knew that these qualities would one day filter through into when I would become a mother.

I often wonder what the future holds for my girls. Three very large personalities with a zest for life, hungry to learn, eager to take in every moment of life.

Often when people hear that I am a mum to three daughters, they suggest that I should have another child in the hope that it could be a son. Honestly I feel whole as mum to daughters. I feel it is my fate, purpose and blessing. I never had a sister but watching my daughters grow together show me that sisters have the greatest bond. It is so special to watch. Daughters grow up to be your best friends and they never leave you. This women’s day I pay tribute to my three gorgeous girls who are going to take on the world one day in their own special way. To be a mother is a privilege and to be a mom to daughters is an absolute gift.

Happy Women’s Day

Love from

A, Z, Y and their Crazy Momma